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Trustee's Checklist

With the Trust Act 2019 coming into force on 30 January 2021, there are new obligations that need to be met and information you’ll need to keep on hand to fulfil your duties as Trustee.

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Building and Renovation Contract Review Checklist

You've decided to build or renovate, you've found a builder to do the job, you've created the place of your dreams in your mind and you may have even picked out your favourite tapware! Let us help you go through the many details and pitfalls we've encountered so you don't have to downgrade your dreams at the last minute...or blowout your budget.

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Conveyancing Terminology Sheet

There's a lot to take in when buying a property. Lawyers and Real Estate agents throw terms around so quickly, sometimes it's hard to remember which terms to question. Here is a quick rundown of the common terms and phrases used during a typical conveyancing transaction.

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Off the Plans Checklist

Buying off the plans is becoming more and more common as New Zealand creates housing solutions. It can be very exciting buying a brand new property that will be built, but there are a lot of details to consider that sometimes aren't so exciting. We've compiled this checklist to help you delve deeper into your conversations with your developer and lawyer so you know exactly what you are getting into.

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Moving Checklist

Now that you've signed the contract, you may only have a short time to get organised. Here are a few things that are easy to overlook when shifting your life to a different space.

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Countdown for home buying

Purchasing a home entails a number of parties and a lot of tasks to be completed before you can get the keys. Here is a run down of the tasks and who takes care of what. Please note this is a general overview and not every single task is included.



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Trust Act 2019

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