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Conveyancing Terminology Sheet

There's a lot to take in when buying a property. Lawyers and Real Estate agents throw terms around so quickly, sometimes it's hard to remember which terms to question. Here is a quick rundown of the common terms and phrases used during a typical conveyancing transaction.

Click here for our downloadable Terminology Sheet.

About the Author

Kristine King

A director at DK Law, Kristine King is well-known throughout both law circles and in our local community for her professionalism and dedication. Kristine specialises across property, commercial and trust law, and has a particular interest in working with property developers and property traders.

Kristine loves giving back to the wider community and is often found helping out with specialist advice for the New Zealand Law Society, writing white papers or doing webinars for different law and community groups. She creates content and is a speaker for organisations including ANZ, APIA, and Bayleys.

On the commercial side, her expertise includes advising on business sales and acquisitions, joint ventures, commercial contracts and business structures. Kristine excels at helping achieve clients’ long-term objectives to ring-fence assets – whether it’s establishing a trust or by using some other mechanism.

Kristine also provides specialist assistance to the New Zealand Law Society as an executive member of the Property Law Section of NZLS and contributor to The Property Lawyer magazine, Ministry of Justice as a lawyer member of the Disciplinary Tribunal and as the lawyer consultant to New Zealand Society of Conveyancer’s Standards Committee. Kristine was also part of the Law Reform Committee of the New Zealand Law Society that made submissions on behalf of the profession in respect of the RTAA.

Member of the Institute of Directors in New Zealand.