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If you have any assets at all and do not have an up to date Will you could cause difficulties for your partner, your children and other people or institutions you wish to benefit on your death.

For many people Wills are relatively straightforward. Partners leave everything to each other, and on the death of the survivor, any assets left are divided equally among their children.

But where there are people involved in a second relationship and you have to take into account two or more families Wills become more complicated.

In these circumstances it is very important for partners to have a full and frank discussion as to how they see their assets being divided between all those dear to them and then it is equally important to sign an appropriate Will.

There are not many people for whom the statutory provisions in the Administration Act are satisfactory but those provisions will apply if you do not make a Will.

Particularly in more complicated areas we can offer you a view based in our experience and knowledge of things like Family Protection cases and suggest ways that you an act to ensure that you have done the right thing by all those you hold dear.

You should ensure that you update your Will and regularly review it, particularly if your circumstances change.

If you do not have a Will and you need one, you owe it to yourself to contact us and we would be happy to assist you in ensuring that you have a proper Will and one that will stand up to scrutiny on your death.




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