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Summer 2016 

-    Do all your Employees have Employment Agreements? And do they comply?

-    Letting your Holiday House: Make sure you know the rules

-    Why is there Name Suppression in Court?

-    Holiday Care Disputes Involving Children

-    Postscript: Knowing your credit score - New pool fencing law comes into force

     on 1 January 2017



Winter 2016

 -    Protecting the elderly: Using an enduring power of attorney

-    Easements: You want to do what on my land?

-    Ni Hao: Doing business with Chinese investors

-    Drinking and driving - don't do it

-    Postscript: Proposed business tax changes - Smoke alarms and insulation are now

     required for rental properties - Health & safety conference in September



Autumn 2016

-    Protecting Shareholder Advances and Guarantees

-    Changing Landscape in the Workplace: New health and safety legislation comes into

     force in early April

-    Are We in a De Facto Relationship?: There could be significant financial implications if

     you separate, or if you or your partner dies

-    Cyberbullying - stopping the trolls

-    Postscript: Computer virus scams - Getting organised for a new employee

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