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Family Law

Family problems can be emotionally and financially devastating. If you think you are likely to become involved in a family problem whether it be custody, matrimonial property, maintenance, family protection, estate claims or in any other family matter then you need to engage the services of a lawyer as soon as possible.

Whatever family problem you are facing you need to get sound independent and objective advice.

A Relationship Property Agreement (formerly a Matrimonial Property Agreement) is an essential element of family and estate planning particularly where partners are involved in a second relationship. Most people are very reasonable and will deal with matters relating to property sensibly when they are first embarking on their relationship. However, if the relationship does not work out some people can become very unreasonable.

Many people consider they are unfairly treated when they finally reach a settlement after a lengthy and costly dispute, so our advice is not to leave organising a Relationship Property Agreement until it is too late. Do it as soon as possible after the start of a relationship.

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